Grandpa on Student Loan Forgiveness

Grandpa hears that Presdient Biden is forgiving student loan debt and asks the probling question: What the Hell?!

Equality Act: The Best Way?

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Grandpa fourth article in his series on the Equality Act discusses a real life case of a Colorado baker and what it teaches us about the Equality Act.

Is There a LGBTQ Crisis?

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Grandpa continues his discussion of the LGBTQ Equality Act. Today’s question is what evidence to the bill’s supporters provide that there is a LGBTQ crisis?

We Start with LGBTQ Rights

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American Grandpa start his series discussing the moral and political dysfunction of the Republican Party and what we can do about it. He starts with a case study: The Equality Act (LBGTQ rights bill), currently before the senate.

It Took Just One Call

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American Grandpa makes a decision to begin campaigning for change in American politics. A phone call from his daughter helped him realize how his Republican Party had changed from the reason and optimism of the Reagan party to the fear and crisis of the Trump Party.

Vincey Verses Opie: A Civil Discussion

A Ron Howard claimed authorship of an essay entitled “I am a Liberal” and American Grandpa (using the name Vincey) responds to Opie (THE Ron Howards character in the Andy Griffith Show). Grandpa responds as a Pragmatic Conservative Independent discussing healthcare, education, taxation and government spending, living wage, religion, racism, immigration, and political correctness.