Brother Bath’s Opus

One of my favorite watch-over-and-over-again movies is Mr. Holland’s Opus.  If you are not familiar with the story, Richard Dreyfuss plays a frustrated young musician whose dream is to become a rich and famous composer. In 1965, he takes a short-term gig as a high school music teacher, planning to use his free time to…… Continue reading Brother Bath’s Opus

Things I Learned Today Sitting on the Edge of Heaven

I sat on the edge of heaven today. A former student, Michelle (Clawson) Uhi, invited me to attend church in her LDS ward (congregation) today, during which her recently returned missionary son reported on his mission. I accepted gladly because I have fond memories of Michelle and wanted to share this proud moment with her.…… Continue reading Things I Learned Today Sitting on the Edge of Heaven

My One-tenth Acre Farm

Spring is coming and that means I, again, have the agricultural urge. It’s in my blood you know. Both of my grandfathers were farmers. My paternal grandfather, Jesse Racolon Bath, started farming his place in 1872 when he was just 18. He rented at first but later saved up enough to buy it (and more). …… Continue reading My One-tenth Acre Farm