About American Grandpa

Who is the American Grandpa?

I am Vincent Bath — the self proclaimed American Grandpa. Someone once told me that being a grandpa involved two things — being a little grumpy and knowing a lot of stuff. While that might be partially true, there a lot more to it. For example:

Being a grandpa means…

  • you’ve “been there and done that” and now know a lot of stuff. (Some of it’s even useful.)
  • you want to share the stuff you know and hope somebody is smart enough to want to hear it.
  • you, finally, understand the things you couldn’t possibly have understood as a son or father.
  • you have powerful love and appreciation, even for the unlovable and unappreciated, that you really can’t describe.
  • time is your enigma — your greatest friend and worst enemy.

If you have (or are) such a grandpa, I have happy for you. That’s the way it should be. If you don’t, I hope AmericanGrandpa.org can helpfully fill that void.

What is AmericanGrandpa.org?

americangrandpa.org is an eclectic compilation of wisdom and advice; fun and humor; spirituality and reflection. Check out my homepage for details.

Please subcribe and remember, your comments are always welcome.

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