Anatomy of a Spring “Break”

It has been several weeks since I’ve done serious posting on my blog. I didn’t mean to take this late Spring break, it just kind of happened because I was busy being retired.

I thought I had settled into a nice daily groove that involved waking up late, taking a couple of naps, eating and checking Facebook, interspersed with research for and posting on my blog.  My routine was only interrupted if I made the mistake of asking Debra what she wanted me to do and that usually only eliminated the naps.

A Wonderful Weekend

But a late Spring flurry of activity really threw off my groove. It started with a wonderful weekend in late April.

My son, Jeremiah, married his sweetheart, Kira, in the most unique wedding I’ve ever been party to. Jeremiah is obsessed with Halloween and since Kira loves him (partially for his weirdness) she agreed that the guests at their wedding would include the family of skeletons that lives in their home. I will leave the pictures to tell the rest of that story.

Since family was gathering for the wedding, some of them decided to do a wonderful service for their parents — put together the pergola kit that has been sitting in our garage for a year. My job was to pour the footings and, to make sure the job would be completed in the one day, sort and label all the kit parts, buy additional materials and organize the tools. Amazingly, the project went off without a hitch.

My granddaughter, Reagan, had been meeting with the missionaries and decided to be baptized. She chose Sunday of that same weekend for her baptism and confirmation, so that her cousins could attend. It was a beautiful meeting and ordinance.  

And Then It Was May

With May came the annual planting of the garden.  I had tried to plant early but got frozen out, so it went in the first week of May. It is much smaller than last year, but still requires planning, planting and care.

The two Scout districts in the Salt Lake Valley held a joint camporee in late May. Luckily, my only assignment was to manage an activity teaching the Scouts how to grill. I had lots of help from good friends the day of the grilling activity, but much of May was swallowed up in the preparations. 

On top of all that, was Church work (I’m now Elder’s Quorum secretary), new drug infusions for my Still’s disease and getting the Covid vaccine, along with all the details that come with family and life.

I think things have calmed down for now and I can get back to regular, serious blogging.  But most of all I’m hoping to get back to those naps.

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