AmericanGrandpa Gets a New Look

Have You Missed Me?

After spending the fall editing and posting my LDS youth novel BOZ, the American Grandpa took a well-deserved holiday break. While on break, I followed through on a promise I made to myself to learn more about website design and apply it to my blog site.

A New Way of Learning

I found a beginning WordPress course on that was on sale ($15). It was all that I wanted and then some. It was presented in 90 short videos, which was a lot, but I was able to play them back as often as needed (and believe me, I needed). The whole course is archived and updated, so I can go back and review as often as I want.

Applying What I Learned

After completing the course, I went to work on my site. For those of you who’ve never built a website, you need to know it requires a whole different way of thinking. I use WordPress, so I don’t need to do any coding, but even with that it was a chore. And I have to apologize to my subscribers who kept receiving notices of new posts and pages because I forget to click the privacy button.

New and Improved

So now, as of February 1, has a new look.  It is not pretty and professional, but it is mine and think it reflects my personality.

I’ve also added some new features including a page with my readings of favorite poems and satire; a page where I recommend cool things my friends are doing; some (coming soon) post on politics, current events and life in retirement. 

And speaking of changes, readers will probably notice a change in both content and attitude in my posts. Instead of elaborating, I’ll let you have the joy of discovery. 

Let Me Know

Take a look at the new and and let me know what you think.

If you enjoy be sure to SUBSCRIBE on the home page and as always, comments are appreciated. You can comment at the bottom of each post.

Thank you for reading and please make 2021 a great year. 

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